Having set out to build practice plans, for the first week, I had set out the following goals:

  • Work on python basics for data analysis
  • Intro to Numpy.
  • Pandas Basics

What new skills have you learned?


  • Numpy is powerful in reference to basic routines for manipulating large arrays and matrices of numeric data.
  • Here is the numpy notebook I worked on:
    • Generating Random Numbers
    • Indexing and selection
    • Slicing and operations to manipulate matrices.


  • Pandas provides rich data structures and functions designed to make working with structured data fast, easy, and expressive.
  • In the pandas notebook, I was able to look at:
    • Series and DataFrames
    • Multi-Index and Index Hierarchy
    • Merging, Joining and Concatenating
    • Missing Data, Groupby and aggregate
    • Cross Section selection over levels
    • I / O operations

What has been easy?

Being conversant with Python, I blazed through the introductions and got to Numpy and Pandas.

Working on data manipulation with Pandas was quite enjoyable and I got to explore lots of functionalities that previously passed me.

What has been difficult?

Running operations a day after learning them was a challenge and constantly had to reference the documentations for help.

How have you used the problem solving strategies to overcome challenges so far?

  • Comfortable to work with.
  • Generate & manipulate arrays