What Lies forth in a skills journey? and is fairly ok good enough?

Inspired by Robert Chang’s journey , I read Plateau of Productivity which in an elaboration of skills journey, not a new concept but I’ve always had my own reservations.

I have a pretty good working knowledge of the python language and need not say that there are obviously a lot more things that I need to learn.

My major appeal of Python is the Data Analysis part as the beauty of using Python for data work is that you have a higher chance to see how data plays a role within the whole integrated technology stack.


Knowing Better Python is likely to make me a better end-to-end Data Scientist and better Software Engineer.

My Deliberate Practice

Learn by doing is the loudest advice I’ve heard so far and am going to hone my Python skills through Deliberate Practice:

Identify the Top Performers.

  • I think I know a few people who can be my role model.
  • I ‘ll need to understand what they’ve been through to get to where they are today.
  • What is their mental representation that I do not have about Python.

Build Practice Plans.

  • Ideally, based on the rough understanding of that mental representation.
  • Define clear goals and select learning materials
  • Create deadline and milestones for the project
  • Estimate time required and come up weekly schedules
  • Augment these insights with my current level of mental representation of Python to improve my understanding.

Targeted Practice.

  • Force myself to work everyday for an hour
  • Maximize my time practicing Python for Data Analysis
  • Work on Data visualization, Modeling, and contribute to Python Data Analysis packages.

Immediate Feedbacks.

Create a culture of code reviews.

  • Find constant opportunities to get feedback as much as possible.