A weary pig and a chicken on the roadside,

are heading to the farm without an M that’s too far,

a family of snails is bewildered at a dinner table,

as aunt loses a U and becomes an ant,

A terrified chicken realizes that,

foxes smiling, without X become foes,

In the warehouse a teenager,

with a pair of gloves loses G and falls in love,

without S snow falls now,

as without V, the seven are seen,

without R, the crab hails a cab,

as monkey makes money, without K,

four without O, wear fur coats,

as bears stay behind bars, without E,

without D, the dice become ice,

as the witch loses W and has an itch,

She opts to take the stairs and

without I, they lead her to the stars,

Adapted from Take Away - A - Michaël Escoffier