In light on recent theatrics it’s clear that it is all about Snorting tender after tender, the goal has been to push through to the next hit. I’ve watched yet another upsetting scandal on my newsfeed, saddening that this particular one wouldn’t matter just like the other ones, by sunrise.

Having lost sight of the entire vision , focus has shifted to hits and nothing interests the high and mighty even when the commoners are promptly and religiously served lump sum plates of frustrations.

Piloting the core pillars within the cockpit are old timers past their era. In full acknowledgement of their well decorated portfolios in their previous various disciplines, the kind of systems put in place, totally contradicts constant brags of former selves.

Mainstream meddlers attribute how this lot has put infrastructure in place, built non-existent hospitals, adequately stocked schools with the very resources they are in dire need, respected human rights and of-course we couldn’t be any safer.

Puzzled at how its possible to retain my optimism against disputing logical deductions and sober consciousness. Will it be too late by the time we figure this out ? I wonder , because it all seems so cool now yet when it rains it pours.

Its yet another morning, I wake, prep up and bike out ready to battle another gruesome day in this beautiful green city under the sun.