In order to advance, unity is important. Doing things together should be at the peak of establishing a healthy working ecosystem within any institution in which we can thrive despite being advancely flawed and vastly diverse.

The role of you and I play as active citizens is vital.

 Do the citizens have a say as voters?

YES, citizens are NOT just consumers, but creators as well. We have to take up responsibility and understand that in a democracy, we have the responsibility to be co-authors of how it should work for the better.

The most important role starts off by voting.

“But the elections could be rigged !”

Maybe it will maybe it won’t. The hope is that it won’t , Remember ,

There is no such thing as not voting!

One could take the stand of not voting as a form of passive defiance. Ironically such a decision is an active choice not to be involved in something of such impact to self and others; not so passive after all.

At the moment it may seem like you are shunning the entire process by not participating — be sure, YOU ARE. This is you engaging in voluntary handing over of power to those whose interests are counter to your own.

There are many instances where those in power are not leaders, but attuned businessmen ready to sell you off to the highest bidder.

Why should you care?

Civic knowledge, awareness and participation has been left to exclusive partisans such as researchers and the civil society organisations whose role is overwhelmingly mounted beyond their capabilities leading some to bow out.

On this note, it would be of importance to explain what exactly the word civic means:. According to the New Oxford American Dictionary;

civic |ˈsivik| relating to a city or town, especially its administration; municipal: civic and business leaders.• relating to the duties or activities of people in relation to their town, city, or local area:

It involves everyone, not just a chosen few

Don’t think too far into the horizon. Use what you have right now at where you are. That which you wish was sorted out make certain it is and witness the magic of getting things done.

Its time to SHOW UP!

“I only got one vote, it won’t change the outcome. “

Collectively voting helps us as citizens within this beautiful land in exercising that massive power that we have.

“While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary”

— Matt Bevin,

I have been partisan in small kamukunji’s that usually take place in the barbershop, at work, parties and even over dinner in our homes.

In these informal places, great conversations take place with the noblest of ideas being raised, unfortunately in most cases if not all, that usually is the end of it.

This is poignant. The un-utilized ideas shared in such forums could be the answers to issues experienced in this great land

My own of national wishlist:

1.Provision for inclusion of all in decision-making

2. Dedicated developmental efforts informed by the needs in our state.

3. Transparency and accountability within the govt’

4. Electronic voting — ( just so I can vote from my bed) *- ignore this

Participating in the civic affairs allows for recognition and acknowledgment of happenings.

Those improvements that you really feel that they ought to be executed can be brought to light once you air concerns otherwise matters remain as is.

Do something you know now, later on, you will be proud you did. I assure you there is never better timing than the present.