I must admit that I’m grateful for the much i’ve been able to accomplish and shocked that its only been a year considering everything that has been coming through.

How comes I’ve been this prosperous?

What is it that I did or that am doing that has allowed me the liberty?

I’ve questioned myself countless of times, although I know I played a part but its never all up to an individual to make all the wheels turn. So many I’s From Gladwell’s Outlier, He elaborates on how it takes more than sheer opportune timing and luck for one to pull off the 10 thousand hours to attain mastery.

It may seem common to me (wonder if there is someone else who shares these sentiments) the opportune moment never seems to occur.

As it has happened countless times, the times that I intend to clear out back logs, are the busiest and when I finally get the time, i’d be too drained to even warm up some food.

During one of such episodes, I felt like someone else was looking up to me and the questioned that popped up was ,

“why don’t you start already?”.

This question would go along way in driving me to take on tasks that were way long overdue.

In the pursuit of keeping self accountable, i realized stepping out of your successes allows us to have a grasp of the world around us. Its in these small victories that we get blinded of the bigger tasks ahead.

Basking in the these small glory should have its timing and for sure not forever, so when you’ve had your share of basking in the glory, shut and the continue the journey.

Whenever I got to face a tougher challenge and all that I had armed myself with isn’t working, falling back to the familiar territory usually seems like the most logical path and self satisfying as am able to maneuver within manageable turfs.

To Be able to tackle giants, constant falls are part of the progress so am choosing to always dust up my coat, take a look back and take the plunge hoping not a chance that I may settle for tot challenges?

Deuces , its been real …..